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14 Dec 2021

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Alex Danko

A member of Gaggle’s Sales team since 2018, Regional Sales Specialist Alex Danko is passionate about partnering with schools and districts in Georgia,...

By     Lisa Railton
09 Nov 2021

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Rebecca Swan

Events Manager Rebecca Swan has always worked and thrived in non-traditional work settings. After 10 years in the sports and entertainment industry, R...

By     Lisa Railton
26 Oct 2021

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Gina Robertson

For the first six years of her career, Gina Robertson was a science teacher at Waconia Public Schools in Minnesota. From there, she launched into a 17...

By     Lisa Railton
05 Oct 2021

The State of Student Safety: 2020–21 School Year

Each year, we share our findings from the most recent school year in our annual Through the Gaggle Lens: The State of Student Safety report. When the ...

By     Lisa Railton
30 Sep 2021

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Jennifer Garrison

Director of Sales Jennifer (Garrison) Tripp has worked in education and EdTech for more than 15 years. With that much experience in the industry, she ...

By     Lisa Railton
24 Aug 2021

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Christina Nava

Christina Nava loves using software to solve problems. She has been working in the software space since college and specifically with Salesforce since...

By     Lisa Railton
21 Jul 2021

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Conor Flanagan

Conor Flanagan has been with Gaggle for the entirety of his career, initially starting out as an accounting intern during his senior year in college. ...

By     Lisa Railton
11 Jun 2021

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Lucy Quinonez

Lucy Quinonez has spent her entire career focused on education. As a former elementary school educator and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Suppo...

By     Lisa Railton
17 May 2021

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Tamir Rosenberg

Here at Gaggle, technology plays a significant role in keeping students safe, as our machine learning watches out for words and phrases that might ind...

By     Lisa Railton
20 Apr 2021

Students and the Pandemic: What Is Gaggle Seeing?

More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic flipped learning upside-down overnight for students and educators across the country, how are students co...

By     Lisa Railton

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