Gaggle Careers

Gaggle is an entrepreneurial-driven, privately held, fully remote company. From home offices across the country, Gagglers work hard, play hard (did we mention virtual happy hours?), and are committed to a mission of student safety. 

Current Openings

Mental Health Coach

Contract—Remote, United States

Mental Health Therapist

Contract—Remote, United States

Regional Sales Specialist

Remote, United States

Technology Open Positions

Remote, United States

Why Work at Gaggle?

Gaggle Core Values

  • Hire exceptional people and let them do their jobs
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Work hard, make it better
  • Treat people well
  • Provide great customer service, even if it doesn’t make financial sense
  • Innovation over perfection
  • Guard the company treasure. Argh!
An Engaging Workplace for Our Employees
“Gaggle’s mission hit all the checkboxes for me on both a personal and professional level. The product and service Gaggle is offering is so unique and makes such a direct impact on our community—it’s something I absolutely wanted to be part of.”