Gaggle Web Filter

Safeguard Student Web Traffic

Designed to ensure CIPA compliance, our web filter works around the clock 24/7/365 to keep your students safe.
Best of all? With a Gaggle Safety Management license, it’s available for a modest, one-time setup fee.

How it Works

Gaggle's Web Filter integrates with Gaggle Safety Management to ensure students are safeguarded against inappropriate content online.

Operating 24/7, our web filter analyzes and categorizes web content in real time. When a student tries to access a site deemed inappropriate, the web filter promptly blocks the site and the student is redirected to a custom landing page that displays a notification explaining that the page has been blocked. 


Gaggle's Web Filter can be integrated seamlessly either during the initial setup of Gaggle Safety Management or added later for a modest setup fee. The implementation process includes:

  • Integration: Seamless integration with existing systems, handled by Gaggle's technical team.

  • Customization: The filter is tailored in collaboration with district IT to block inappropriate content and allow educational resources to be adjusted for different student groups.

  • Testing: The filter can be adjusted to ensure it aligns with district policies.

  • Updates: Regular updates keep the web filter effective against new threats and relevant to educational needs.

Expand Your Digital Student Safety Net

Discover how Gaggle's Web Filter and Safety Management can help your district support student safety around the clock.

Rather integrate your existing web filter?

We offer web filter integration with ContentKeeper, iBoss, Hapara, and others.
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