24/7 Student Crisis Line

Gaggle ReachOut

A personal connection. This is what a young person needs. A two-way communication with a live trained and caring human. Gaggle ReachOut student crisis line does just this. We connect students to crisis counselors, 24/7 – for help when they need it most. Now. In the moment. 

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To Be Listened To Is To Be Loved

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Is your district too overwhelmed to provide adequate support to students struggling? Gaggle ReachOut can help.

Kids need to be listened to. Gaggle ReachOut crisis line meets this need by providing:

  • Two-way communication with a live, trained, caring crisis counselor, 24/7

  • In the moment connection in any way they choose – via text, chat, or phone

  • Information and referrals to get help from local & national resources

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Why Gaggle ReachOut? Why now?

  • As reliant on digital media today’s students are, many times what they yearn for is that personal, human connection. This is what they receive as part of their school’s ReachOut program.

  • The school is able to stay informed about issues their students are dealing by receiving reports on when and why students are reaching out.

  • School leaders can utilize their Gaggle Therapy services to ensure their students receive ongoing teletherapy support as needed.

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How It Works

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Quick, Effective Response

Students are connected to live crisis counselors trained to address youth crisis situations and de-escalate to keep students safe.

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Accessible Help for Students

ReachOut is able to help any young person in need via text, web-based chat, or phone.

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Professional Support

Students are referred to national and local service providers and resources as needed, enabling them to easily receive additional assistance – whatever their needs are.

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Informed Reporting

Gaggle will report to the school district the next day that students are reaching out, and why. School leaders can utilize their Gaggle Therapy services to ensure ongoing support.

“ReachOut is truly a game changer in crisis support for K-12 students, particularly in a time when it is needed more than ever. In those times of crisis, having someone to reach out to that can listen and direct students to appropriate services will save lives.”

Be There When Your Students Need You Most

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