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There is a gap  in school's mental health resources and students are persistently feeling hopeless. ReachOut, was created in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer an in-the-moment emotional support lifeline to students with trained crisis counselors 24/7 via text, chat, or call. 



24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line

The student mental health crisis is becoming more dire as school counseling departments across the country are stretched thin.

Gaggle specializes in helping schools identify students in need of urgent mental health services. With ReachOut, schools can now offer more equitable, timely intervention from a crisis counselor before the situation worsens.


Gaggle's ReachOut Crisis Line for students is built on the strong foundation of Amazon Connect and enhanced through a suite of other AWS services. 

This partnership brings stability to the core structure of the service allowing students to experience a quick connection and seamless transitions which provides access to trained mental health professionals quickly.

The Gaggle team of trained and certified mental health professionals enhance the technology infrastructure by providing a trusted person that students can connect to when facing a variety of mental health issues or relationship challenges.

Students are able to connect using either phone, SMS text, or web chat. The ReachOut Crisis Line will be available 24/7 for students as a support when they are feeling at their most vulnerable. View the panel discussion between AWS and Gaggle on how they are bringing the tools, resources, and people needed to build a trusted source of care and support to the growing student mental health crisis.


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How It Works

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Quick, Effective Response
ReachOut works with Amazon Connect for immediate intervention that’s user-friendly and cost-effective
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Professional Support
Students are partnered with mental health coaches trained to address youth crisis situations and de-escalate to keep students safe
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Accessible Help for Students
Advanced AI enables ReachOut to help anyone in need, regardless of their first language, and in a variety of modalities: SMS text, web-based chat, or by phone.
“We created ReachOut to provide immediate support to students who not only need to be listened to but also advised by trained coaches who can handle crisis situations, hopefully preventing things from getting worse.”

Be There When Your Students Need You Most

Hear from us on how to offer mental health support to your students.