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24 Apr 2024

How Can Web Activity Monitoring Benefit My District?

Let’s face it — protecting your students from online dangers becomes more difficult by the day. The internet is massive, always growing, and evolving,...

By     Marie Hynes
05 Jan 2021

Online Dangers: Protecting Students Against Exploitation

The creation and sharing of sexually explicit content featuring children under the age of 18 is running rampant online, in part because of online plat...

By     Lisa Railton
10 Jul 2020

Are Your Students Responsible Digital Citizens?

In today’s world, technology is considered part of a well-rounded education, especially in light of this year’s massive overhaul to distance learning....

By     Lisa Railton
15 Jun 2020

National Internet Safety Month: Taking Steps to Protect Students Online

June is National Internet Safety Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about online safety for children and teens. In the digital world, young...

By     Paget Hetherington
24 Oct 2019

Resources for Promoting Outstanding Digital Citizenship

Sometimes being online doesn’t feel like the real world. And in many ways it’s not. For students, this feeling can be compounded. When posting on soci...

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