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Bob LoGalbo

Bob has been a data scientist for more than 30 years—before the term was common. Bob was formally trained in control, information, communication, and statistical decision theory through his undergrad (UIUC) and graduate work (IIT). He has developed solutions, intellectual property, publications, and presentations, traveling the country proselytizing the benefits and beaconing the pitfalls of ML, AI, and data science. As Gaggle’s Chief AI Scientist, Bob’s efforts lead the company’s decision science (ML/AI) mission to discover all students whose well-being is compromised—regardless of their race, gender, or ability to voice themselves—so that no student is left behind.
06 Apr 2022
Gaggle | 3 min read

AI Ethics: A Cautionary Tale

The decision sciences (AI, machine learning, and other data sciences) ...

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