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11 Apr 2023

A Return to Gaggle After Competitor Services Fall Short

Keeping students safe in the digital world has become an increasingly difficult challenge for schools. As part of an ever-evolving digital world, scho...

By     Candy Tai
26 May 2022

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Bob LoGalbo

Bob LoGalbo has been working in data science since before it was really known as data science. With an impressive background in the field spanning mor...

By     Lisa Railton
19 May 2022

Balancing Student Safety and Privacy

Gaggle’s mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of students and schools by leveraging people and technology. We are united with our K-12 distr...

By     Lisa Railton
04 May 2022

The Gaggle Safety Team: The Heart of Student Safety

As our nation struggles with the crisis in youth suicide and mental health, school leaders nationwide are investing in tools and programs to help prot...

By     Paget Hetherington
25 Apr 2022

Inside Gaggle: Meet Our Team

Franky Belove has always been drawn to teaching. Her first job was teaching dance, where she spent time tutoring and teaching a before- and after-scho...

By     Lisa Railton
06 Apr 2022

AI Ethics: A Cautionary Tale

The decision sciences (AI, machine learning, and other data sciences) are justifiably under scrutiny for bias. The topic became a legitimate and conce...

By     Bob LoGalbo
10 Mar 2022

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Rocco Gasparro

Rocco Gasparro is driven to make schools safer for students each and every day. As a Regional Sales Manager for Ohio, Missouri, and Alaska, Rocco uses...

By     Lisa Railton
17 Feb 2022

Gaggle’s Podcast: Sharing Inspiring Stories

Looking for in-depth coverage and insights on all things related to student mental health and student safety? It Takes a Village: A Gaggle Podcast fea...

By     Melanie Fortier
04 Feb 2022

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Jeri Schreiner

A lifelong learner, Jeri Schreiner has supported all aspects of systems and network infrastructure throughout her career, including technical, softwar...

By     Lisa Railton
14 Jan 2022

Inside Gaggle: Interview with Jon VanDenBossche

Jon VanDenBossche has spent the entirety of his time with Gaggle in Operations, initially on the Customer Support team before moving to the Implementa...

By     Lisa Railton

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