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Written by Melanie Fortier
on February 17, 2022

Looking for in-depth coverage and insights on all things related to student mental health and student safety? It Takes a Village: A Gaggle Podcast features students, educators, mental health advocates, and Gagglers discussing a variety of topics impacting today’s kids and schools. 

Here’s just a sampling of the current on-demand episodes you can tune in and listen to: 

  • Living Transgender: One Student’s Journey
    Gaggle’s own Jodi Lott sat down with Ann, a transgender college student, to discuss her experience transitioning as a teenager, how her family and community support her, and the resources she found helpful along the way.
  • Hope and Mattering
    Do your students know how much they matter? World-renowned author, entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and educator Angela Maiers discusses the importance of two simple words: “You matter.”
  • A Mother’s Story: Depression, Loss, and Hope
    After tragically losing her son to suicide, Wendy Sefcik shares her mission to raise awareness for teen depression and suicide, providing support and guidance for concerned parents and struggling teens.
  • Digital Safety and the Impact on Student Mental Health
    Students must be aware of risks in the digital environment and equipped with the tools and skills they need to be good digital citizens. For this episode, a panel of education leaders joined us to discuss digital safety and its impact on student mental health. 

Student safety isn’t a one-person job—it truly takes a village to protect students in both physical and digital environments. From district leaders, educators, and administrators to parents, counselors, and beyond, we appreciate all of the people who join together to safeguard students and are excited to continue to share their stories. Follow our social channels to learn when new episodes are available to stream:

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