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on G Suite, Office 365 and Canvas


Meet David LaFrance

"Without Gaggle, we probably would think that the communication and education that we have in place is adequate, but thanks to Gaggle we know that we need to do more."

Sarah Trimble-Oliver
CIO, Cincinnati Public Schools

"Our leadership appreciates the awareness that Gaggle provides regarding student safety. It allows them to stay ahead of problems and work with students directly. Should parents need to be involved, Gaggle helps remove any questions regarding their child’s participation and helps us express that we have their student’s best interests at heart."

Matt Penner
Director of Information & Instructional Technology, Val Verde Unified School District (CA)

“We use other products, like GoGuardian and Securly, to help keep our students safe and secure. Those products can't touch what Gaggle does…”

Kaycie Sullivan
Technology Coordinator, Junction Independent School District (TX)

Kaycie Sullivan

“Our business practices and expectations didn’t align with the way SafeMail is set up. Gaggle makes it so much easier for us to read and understand what is going on with our students.”

John Crum
Director of Technology, Plainfield Community Schools (IN)

“Our Google usage was growing exponentially...
We were using CloudLock, but it wasn’t user-friendly, and it wasn’t giving us the information that we needed.”

Dr. Joe Borchard
Director of Technology, Wayne Township Public School District (NJ)

Joe Borchard

Can Your Email Archive Prevent a Teachers Strike or Even Save a Student’s Life?


While an email archive is typically reactive—for instance allowing a school district to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from a concerned parent or an inquisitive journalist—you should start viewing your archive as a proactive solution that helps your schools run smoothly.

Four students sitting at a table outside, using Office 365 for Education on tablets.

How St. Mary Parish Schools Keeps Students Safe on Office 365


Dr. Susan Dupre recently took time from her busy schedule to talk about how Gaggle is being used as a teaching tool inside St. Mary Parish Schools when students in grades 5-12 use Office 365 for email.

How to Keep Your Students (and Teachers) Safe on Facebook


Students and teachers might assume that their data is just broadcasted on their favorite social network and shared with their friends, but what they post often is shared with third-party vendors. To understand how this happens, consider how Facebook manages users’ content.