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10 May 2022

5 Places Cyberbullying Is Happening Online in 2022

Bullying is nothing new. It’s been a common experience for students on...

12 Feb 2021

The Risks of Social Media Pressure: Keeping Teens Safe

Almost every teenager in the U.S. has personal access to a device with...

01 May 2018

Is the Blue Whale Game Really Causing Kids to Kill Themselves?

Last week, our Safety Management team received a considerable number o...

05 Apr 2018

How to Keep Your Students (and Teachers) Safe on Facebook

Every day, students and teachers provide information to social media s...

By Gaggle
26 Oct 2017
Social Media | 2 min read

Social Network Spotlight: Reddit

Reddit is a massive community of 250 million users built around the co...

13 Jul 2017
Social Media | 2 min read

Social Network Spotlight: Signal

The number of end-to-end encrypted messaging apps grows larger every d...

17 Apr 2017

How Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Foster Digital Citizenship & Safety

Did you notice any peculiar trends on Instagram recently? In efforts t...

07 Apr 2017

Social Network Spotlight: Swarm

Swarm is a geo-location, social-gaming application that allows users t...

05 Apr 2017

Using Facebook Stories in the Classroom

As the adage goes, "the only permanent thing in the universe is imperm...

07 Mar 2017

How to Avoid Fake News Sources When Using G Suite

There has been no want of emotion or zeal in America the past few mont...

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