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Written by Lisa Railton
on May 26, 2022

Bob LoGalbo has been working in data science since before it was really known as data science. With an impressive background in the field spanning more than three decades, Bob is an inventor and architect who has built machine learning and signal detection algorithms, created image and speech recognition capabilities, and holds hundreds of issued patents both in the U.S. and internationally. 

As Gaggle’s Chief AI Scientist, Bob strives to advance Gaggle, using artificial intelligence to drive student well-being. “My purpose is to introduce AI to be the sentinel of students’ well-being, applying the latest technology in ways that we have never done before,” said Bob. “And for Gaggle to be the best at it. That’s my mission.” With a focus on approaching AI ethically, Bob works to ensure Gaggle is detecting and compensating for any determinable bias of our AI so that all of the students we safeguard are being treated equitably. 


Bob LoGalboStart date: October 26, 2021

We asked Bob five questions to get to know a little more about him and his time with Gaggle. Here’s what he had to say:

What are three words to describe Gaggle?

  • Inspiring: I’m amazed every day by how Gagglers, both on tech and non-tech teams, solve problems. Gaggle’s mission is inspiring in itself, but to see problems being solved with so much creativity, energy, and dedication—that, for me, is personally inspiring. Gagglers are solving problems with out-of-the-box thinking as well as a commitment to finding a resolution in the fastest way possible. It’s a high level of performance that is just uncommon.
  • Devoted: When I think about the word devoted, it means a couple of things: zealousness and an ardent approach to things. A lot of us have our own personal motivations for working here that transcend just a simple paycheck. It’s more than just a job here—it’s an application of one’s energy. It’s more about advancing and fulfilling a personal mission, translating our personal stories to vocation, as opposed to simply doing today’s tasks.  
  • United: The phrase “one for all and all for one” is one way to express unity. But I often see us working coherently in phase with each other, applying our energy in unison—pushing when we all need to push together, pulling when we all need to pull together—to get the job done. We’re very team-oriented, but we’re also mindful of each other. It’s an empathy that transcends even the mission. There’s a general sense of watching out for well-being—not just for our students, but for each other. It’s a wonderful thing to see a community that is so positive, forward-thinking, and optimistic, but also so connected. It’s unlike anything I’ve previously experienced. 

What drew you to Gaggle?
When the recruiter reached out, we talked a bit, and at the end of the chat, his focused takeaway was that I would be a great culture fit. Of course, technical ability is a requirement for this position, but personal mission and culture were stressed. That was compelling, but you never know even after the interview and hiring process if that draw was superficial or sustainable. It was the latter.

I’ve come to realize that the Gaggle culture manifests as a devoted, supportive, and connected community that has been architected to deal with a heavy mission. The Gaggle community is a living, breathing organism whose health and vitality are to be nurtured and safeguarded. It’s unique and is a Gaggle capital asset. So it’s more than just hiring someone who might be capable; that person has to be someone who can work productively as part of the community and add to its vitality. And through that community, this is the first job where I never feel like I’m doing time.

What have you gained from working at Gaggle?
I’ve learned a lot of great things from such a capable group, both technical and non-technical. Sometimes I think it is in part because of that devotion, that ardent zealousness toward a personal mission that everyone is inspired by. There’s also that excitement and energy that runs through the community that can elicit such remarkable creativity. They’re solving problems in ways that I never would have considered, and faster than even a moderately motivated team would. And they’re sharing what they’ve learned with me, so it’s an avenue of growth for which I’m grateful.

What is your proudest moment at Gaggle?
Because I have such high regard for this team and everyone else at Gaggle, to be accepted by other Gagglers and to be working here makes me proud. I have such high esteem for everyone here, so it makes me proud to be an accepted part of this. I take it as a badge of honor.

What is your favorite memory at Gaggle?
My favorite moments are actually moments that happen every day. Watching my team work so well together—complimenting each other, finding bugs, helping each other root out issues, celebrating when they figure it out. Fast responses, constant attention, and they take breaks to help each other despite their personal tasks. That is inspiring. It reminds me a bit of the seven dwarfs—everyone coming together in unison, happily working together, mining the data for gems, and being so productive at the same time.

“Because I have such high regard for this team and everyone else at Gaggle, to be accepted by other Gagglers and to be working here makes me proud. I have such high esteem for everyone here, so it makes me feel really good to be part of this. I take it as a badge of honor.”

At Gaggle, Bob harnesses the power of data to keep students safe and looks forward to continuing to improve our machine learning. “Bottom line: We want to mature the AI,” shared Bob. “I’d love to be able to detect issues before they happen, helping students even before there’s a cry for help. I would like to get there before the cry happens.”

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