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Written by Candy Tai
on April 11, 2023

Keeping students safe in the digital world has become an increasingly difficult challenge for schools. As part of an ever-evolving digital world, schools are now grappling with the task of ensuring the safety of students' online activities, while also respecting their privacy. To accomplish this, Red Clay Consolidated School District implemented Gaggle Safety Management across all school issued devices. 

Consistency Matters

After implementing Gaggle Safety Management, Red Clay Consolidated School District saw an improvement in their ability to ensure student safety on school issued digital devices. However, due to constraints dictated by their statewide consortium, they switched to two other competitor products. In doing so, they quickly realized that the level of service they received was not consistent with the high level they had experienced with Gaggle.

"We v
ery quickly realized that there were some challenges and differences with this other company who said they could do the same thing that Gaggle had been doing for us, but it just hadn’t gotten to the point of what we needed.”

— Tony Clemmons, Network Coordinator of Information Technology

Ability to Customize 

All schools have different needs and requirements when it comes to ensuring student safety in the digital realm. Student safety technology must have the ability to be customized according to specific district and school requirements. Gaggle Safety Management provided Red Clay Consolidated School District with the ability to customize alerts for their specific needs. The competitor products that they tried were not as flexible and did not allow for the same level of customization.

A Complete Solution 

Student safety is not just a matter of monitoring student online activity, it’s also about prevention. Gaggle Safety Management provides Red Clay Consolidated School District with a complete safety solution. With Gaggle, the district is able to proactively prevent issues before they arise. The competitor products that Red Clay Consolidated School District tried did not offer the same level of service.

"The reason we came back to Gaggle is after we left and tried two other separate products, the amount of false positives, the amount of not getting insight that we needed, was not worth the cost that we were saving.”

Time-Saving Features

Ensuring online student safety can often be a time-consuming task for administrators. Gaggle Safety Management provides time-saving features such as the ability to flag and assign alerts to specific staff members in real-time so action can be taken quickly. This feature, among others, saved Red Clay Consolidated School District time and resources. The competitor products they tried did not have the same level of efficiency.

“Simply put, Gaggle does what it says it is going to do. Gaggle gives us the confidence knowing that there is an extra “set of eyes” for us, without overwhelming us with alerts and things that we don’t need. It gives us the information that we do need in order to make sure that our students are not only safe but also getting the support that they need.”

Reputation Matters

In today’s digital climate, schools are often scrutinized for their ability to protect students online. Choosing the right student safety technology can help build a school’s reputation for being proactive and vigilant in student safety. Gaggle Safety Management has a proven track record in providing this type of technology for schools. Read Red Clay's full story to learn how their brief experience with competitors eventually brought them back to Gaggle.

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