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Written by Marie Hynes
on March 5, 2024

Welcome to the first post of our new series: Gaggle’s Support Team Spotlight.

Through this series, we'll dive deep into what makes our Support Team stand apart in the student safety sector, their expertise and impactful stories, and how their dedication helps foster safer learning environments.

If you’re not already familiar with Gaggle as a whole, we are the leading experts in K-12 student safety, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to promote student safety and well-being in digital learning environments. By providing districts with real-time alerts, Gaggle plays a crucial role in preventing potential tragedies and creating a safer online learning space.

The Critical Role of The Support Team

The unique challenges educators face, provide timely responses to critical issues, and offer guidance on how to leverage technology to enhance learning outcomes. 

Unlike traditional technical support, Gaggle's Support Team members are experts in the platform's functionalities as well as the educational context in which it operates. This dual expertise allows them to provide effective solutions to districts, addressing both immediate technical issues and broader concerns. 

This type of expertise is crucial in today’s world, where the integration of technology in education demands not only seamless operation but also the assurance that student safety and privacy are protected. 

The Support Team and The Safety Team

Gaggle has both a Support Team and a Safety Team. While both teams work closely together, each has a specific focus and set of responsibilities.

The Support Team is primarily concerned with ensuring that educators and school administrators can effectively utilize Gaggle's tools. This includes onboarding new users, troubleshooting technical problems, and offering ongoing training and advice to maximize the platform's impact on student safety and well-being.

The Support Team consists of nine members in total. This includes six Support Representatives, each with a minimum of one year of experience in Support at Gaggle, boasting an average experience of 2.5 years. The management team comprises three individuals: a Senior Manager, a Supervisor, and a Team Lead, who collectively bring over ten years of experience to the table, with an average of six years among them. Moreover, two-thirds of the Support Team have spent a period of their career working on Gaggle’s Safety Team.

Gaggle’s Safety Team reviews alerts generated by Gaggle's system. They evaluate the severity of these alerts and take appropriate actions, which can range from notifying school officials of concerning behavior to escalating imminent threats to law enforcement. 

Having the support of these two teams offers targeted, specialized services that together cater to both the technical and safety needs of districts. And as digital learning environments continue to evolve, the importance of specialized support structures will only grow, making Gaggle's approach unique in the industry. 

Stay tuned for part two where we’ll dive deeper into the Support Team’s specific expertise and real-life stories.

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