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Written by Marie Hynes
on April 15, 2024

Academic achievements are important, but so is the mental health of students and staff. With April being Stress Awareness Month, now is the time for districts to evaluate the mental health support within their communities and ensure students and staff have access to the right resources to help navigate stress. This month, be extra mindful of these four areas:

1. Early Intervention and Prevention

By offering accessible mental health resources within schools, early signs of stress can be identified and addressed proactively. Timely intervention can prevent issues from escalating and head off any long-term consequences.

2. Academic Success

Mental health and academic achievement are intertwined. Students who are emotionally well-adjusted are better able to focus, learn, and excel academically. By nurturing their mental well-being, schools can enhance learning outcomes for all students.

3. Creating a Culture of Support

When mental health services are integrated into a school district, it sends a powerful message – no one has to face their struggles alone. If you haven’t done so already, consider how to improve your culture by developing a stronger sense of empathy, understanding, and inclusivity within your district.

4. Staff Well-Being

It's not just students who benefit from mental health services; educators and staff members also require support to navigate the challenges of their professions. Providing resources such as Gaggle Therapy can help prevent burnout and promote staff retention.

5. Gaggle Therapy & ReachOut

As you consider the integration of mental health services within your districts and identify any gaps, be sure to explore Gaggle's Therapy and ReachOut services. 

Gaggle Therapy provides flexible, accessible teletherapy for students facing mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and grief, with no out-of-pocket costs. Sessions are available during the school day or during evenings and weekends.

Gaggle ReachOut is a 24/7 crisis line that offers students in need an immediate connection to trained crisis counselors. Districts utilize ReachOut to provide immediate support to students facing mental health challenges and keep school administrators informed of the situation.

By investing in the right mental health resources, you’re investing in the future of your students and staff, helping them feel valued, supported, and better equipped to handle stress whenever it arises.

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