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14 Aug 2017

Surge in Chromebook Adoption Leads to Increasing Need to Keep Students Safe    

School leaders have an ironclad legal requirement to ensure student sa...

By Gaggle
26 Jul 2017

5 Key Takeaways from Hacking Google for Education

Earlier this year, I had the chance to see the authors of Hacking Goog...

05 Jul 2017

Have You Done Any Google Hacking Lately?

A weird question to ask, right? Since the word “hacking” brings to lig...

28 Apr 2017

The Limitations of Tying Student Safety to Devices

The recently released Family Link app from Google provides parents wit...

25 Apr 2017

Why You Should Backup & Archive Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Last month’s announcement that Vault now supports Google Drive finally...

12 Apr 2017

Digital Life After School: Graduation for G Suite

As part of a G Suite for Education release earlier this year, Google i...

22 Mar 2017

What You Need to Know About Adding Personal Accounts to Google Classroom

Last week, Google announced that users will have the ability to access...

07 Mar 2017

How to Avoid Fake News Sources When Using G Suite

There has been no want of emotion or zeal in America the past few mont...

30 Jan 2017

How Junction ISD Keeps Students Safe When Using G Suite for Education

Moderating students’ use of G Suite for Education and keeping them saf...

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