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04 Apr 2019
Student Safety | 1 min read

A Story of Survival

In 2000, Kevin Hines attempted to take his life by jumping off the Gol...

01 Mar 2019

Shining a Light on Student Safety

Picture this: A student is struggling with issues that she hasn’t shar...

19 Jan 2018

Should Educators Focus on Just Citizenship Instead of Digital Citizenship?

Every passing year, technology and innovation continue to grow and dev...

02 Oct 2017
Student Safety | 3 min read

From Slut Pages to Sexting Scandals: The Impact of Online Shame In Schools

From small towns like Canon City, Colorado, to Winnetka, Illinois, cou...

26 Jul 2017

5 Key Takeaways from Hacking Google for Education

Earlier this year, I had the chance to see the authors of Hacking Goog...

05 Jul 2017

Have You Done Any Google Hacking Lately?

A weird question to ask, right? Since the word “hacking” brings to lig...

19 Jun 2017

Student Online Safety This Summer: Digital Empathy from Mom and Dad

It starts with communication. You know, suggesting to parents that the...

15 May 2017

How to Use 13 Reasons Why to Spark Conversations About Teen Suicide

by Sara Keag

09 May 2017

Determining "Just Right" Digital Citizenship Lessons for Kids

by Karri Adams

07 Dec 2016
Student Safety | 3 min read

Student Online Safety: A Son (and Mom’s) Perspective

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Curran Dee and Marialice B.F.X. Curran, ...

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