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04 Jan 2022

Why Cyberbullying Affects Girls More Than Boys

Cyberbullying can be more insidious than physical bullying because it follows kids home. With around-the-clock access to the virtual environment, it’s...

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29 Mar 2021

How Microsoft and Gaggle Support SEL

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is important to ensure student success both in school and in life. When students are more in touch with their emot...

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23 Feb 2021

Is Google Hangouts Safe for Your Students?

Google is spot on when it touts that technology can give educators new and more engaging ways to help students learn the skills they need to succeed. ...

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26 Jan 2021

Student Wellness: Understanding and Addressing Incels

With the increase in social media usage among K-12 students over the past decade and the surge in online communication between students during the pan...

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13 Mar 2020

Distance Learning: Supporting Students During School Closures

As schools and districts across the country shut down in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, also known as the new coronavirus, educators are making...

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12 Dec 2019

Hard to Watch, Important to See

With this gut-wrenching PSA, Sandy Hook Promise is generating awareness about school safety as well as their evidence-based protection programs, which...

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15 Nov 2019

Why the RESPONSE Act Is Not the Right Move

Senate Republicans recently introduced a bill—known as the RESPONSE (Restoring, Enhancing, Strengthening, and Promoting Our Nation’s Safety Efforts) A...

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03 Jul 2019

Three Ways to Stop Sextortion in Its Tracks

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04 Feb 2019

Four Reasons to Look More Closely at Student Accounts

When we discuss the need to monitor student email and Google or Office 365 drive accounts with school districts, we sometimes get a response like, “ou...

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15 Nov 2018

Former Wrestling Pro Gives Hope to K-12 Audiences

One of our sales representatives, Alex Danko, learned about a dynamic school assembly speaker who focuses on bullying, suicide, and making good life c...

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