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Patrick O'Neal

Since starting his career with Gaggle eight years ago as a safety representative, Patrick has become a champion for students, focusing on their safety and mental health awareness. He now partners with districts throughout the mid-Atlantic region to implement solutions that identify students in crisis and get them the help they need. A graduate of Illinois State University, Patrick resides in central Illinois with his wife, Erin, and their three children, Sadie, Arya, and Declan.
23 Jun 2020

Continuity of Learning: Keeping Students on Track

There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding what school will look like in the fall—in some states, we won’t know until right before the school year ...

By     Patrick O'Neal
01 Mar 2018

Compliance Rules and Email Archiving: What You Need to Know

I’ve written in the past how archiving can minimize litigation costs for school districts through eDiscovery and with the ability to handle Freedom of...

By     Patrick O'Neal
25 Jan 2018

Are There Student Safety Concerns in Your Archive?

I’ve written in the past about the reasons why you should archive email, documents and files using a third-party solution. Similarly, there are strong...

By     Patrick O'Neal
27 Nov 2017

What You Should Know About Social Media Archiving At Your School District

Archiving and retention laws are continually evolving at both the state and federal levels. With that ever-changing landscape, it’s important to know ...

By     Patrick O'Neal
18 Sep 2017

Should You Delete or Suspend Staff Email Accounts at Your School?

Teachers, administrators and other staff will take new jobs, retire and give IT departments other reasons to delete or suspend their email accounts. F...

By     Patrick O'Neal
27 Jul 2017

The Importance of Migrating Legacy K-12 Email Archives

Many school districts are moving their onsite legacy email archives to a third-party cloud provider at a fraction of the cost it takes to manage and s...

By     Patrick O'Neal
22 Jun 2017

3 Email Archiving Considerations When Using More Than One Provider

Some school districts still are just starting to give their students access to email, but have relied on a different system for staff email for a long...

By     Patrick O'Neal
30 May 2017

What the New Features in Google Vault Mean to K-12 Administrators

Some new Google Vault features likely caught the eye of K-12 technology directors and email administrators.

By     Patrick O'Neal
25 Apr 2017

Why You Should Backup & Archive Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Last month’s announcement that Vault now supports Google Drive finally recognizes that G Suite users keep information in more places than their inbox,...

By     Patrick O'Neal
15 Mar 2017

The Problem with Free Email Archiving

While I want to spend some time talking about a handful of issues associated with free email archiving solutions, what they all have in common is that...

By     Patrick O'Neal

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