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Written by Paget Hetherington
on February 12, 2019

Following the implementation of a 1:1 technology initiative at Vancouver Public Schools in Washington, the district’s superintendent recognized the need for a watchful eye on student safety. In order to ensure that students’ online presences weren’t unattended, the district’s IT team turned to Gaggle’s safety management platform.

For the past three years, Gaggle’s trained safety team has monitored online usage at the district’s 37 schools, which serve nearly 24,000 students. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Gaggle helps keep Vancouver’s students safe, reporting suspicious activity to school officials as needed. Previously, the district relied on self-reporting and monitored email using the required filters. “Hope and vigilance were what was available,” says Christina Iremonger, chief digital officer, “but with Gaggle we have the peace of mind that there's more.”

The platform helps the school monitor and address issues of varying seriousness as needed, without taking educators away from their jobs. For non-life-threatening situations that occur outside of school hours, the principal is notified the following workday. However, information indicating imminent danger is dealt with immediately. “If we get any information at any time, be it via Gaggle or another means that even suggests that a child is in danger,” says Iremonger, “we call 911.”

Learn more about how the platform helps school officials ensure that the district’s students remain safe.

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