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Written by Lisa Railton
on November 21, 2019

Since its inception as a student email provider in 1998, Gaggle has helped thousands of districts meet their student safety needs, avoiding tragedies while also protecting their liability. During the 2018–19 school year alone, Gaggle helped districts save the lives of 722 students who were actively planning or attempting suicide.

School districts nationwide rely on our alerts to identify potentially dangerous situations before it’s too late. Available 24/7/365, Gaggle informs schools immediately of students struggling with self-harm, substance abuse, cyberbullying, and other credible threats. Districts using Gaggle know that early intervention is the key to keeping students safe in today’s digital world.

Chief Information Officer Sarah Trimble-Oliver of Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) asks, “What is the price of your students’ physical safety? What is the price of their lives? If we’ve stopped one tragic event from happening, that is worth the investment of the funds.” Her district continues to invest in Gaggle as a way to monitor students’ physical and mental safety, both of which are high priorities for CPS.

And at Yorkville Community Unit School District 115 in Illinois, Director of Technology Ryan Adkins believes Gaggle is second to none. He says, “If you were to cut my budget tomorrow and you told me that I can only have one piece of software in place, 10 out of 10 times, I’d say it would have to be Gaggle.”

Read our case study to discover more of what our advocates have to say about how they’re using Gaggle to cultivate a safe, secure environment for their students.

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