Gaggle Inc

Why School Districts Love Gaggle

Challenge (Puzzle)


Each district wanted to put a safety platform in place that protected students while mitigating school liability.

Solution (Wrench)


Gaggle supplied each district with a comprehensive solution to student safety that monitors students’ digital activity 24/7/365.

Results (Star)


District administrators have peace of mind and ongoing support to provide swift interventions for students in need.

Protecting students is a top priority for K-12 school districts nationwide, where early intervention in potentially serious situations can mean the difference between a catastrophic event and a successful resolution. Whether they’re stepping in to safeguard that students use email and share content responsibly, responding to students’ cries for help, or ensuring that students don’t harm themselves or others, districts are taking measures to fortify student safety both on and off-campus.

Since inception, Gaggle has helped thousands of districts avoid tragedies and save lives, while also protecting their liability. Our early warning system alerts districts to potentially dangerous situations as well as imminent and critical mental health issues. Last school year alone, Gaggle helped districts prevent 722 suicides, and has already helped prevent 19 more so far this year. We inform schools immediately of students struggling with self-harm, substance abuse, cyberbullying, harassment, violence, and other credible threats, 24/7/365.

But enough about us. Here’s what four of our biggest advocates in the educational space had to say about how they’re using Gaggle to cultivate a safe, secure environment on K-12 campuses nationwide.  

Gaggle is “Second to None”
Ryan Adkins, Director of Technology, Yorkville Community Unit School District 115

When the district set out to find a student safety platform, it had some specific criteria in mind. According to Ryan Adkins, Gaggle checked all of those boxes.  “If you were to cut my budget tomorrow and you told me that I can only have one piece of software in place,” he explained, “10 out of 10 times, I’d say it would have to be Gaggle.”

Adkins also enjoys the company’s high level of customer service and the ease of communicating with Gaggle’s trained agents. “The way we receive high-level alerts when something is happening is second to none,” said Adkins. “I’ve been doing this for nearly 16 years, and this is the first time that I can say a software company that I’ve worked with has pretty much followed through on everything it said during the sales pitch.”

Always Have Gaggle’s Full Support
Chris Budzynski, Ed.D., Chief Technology Officer, Huntley Community School District 158 

Having a safety management platform in place—and the parents that support it—is important at Huntley CSD. In fact, protecting students is a top districtwide priority. Huntley CSD uses Gaggle to immediately intervene in serious situations while also handling minor incidences quickly and seamlessly. “If we can put a speed bump in the way of a student who is doing something inappropriate on the internet,” said Chris Budzynski, “then that puts our students in a much better, safer position overall.”

The fact that Huntley CSD and Gaggle are working toward a common goal has translated into a strong partnership. “We know Gaggle is in this for the right reasons; it wants to save students’ lives,” Budzynski pointed out. “We know there’s a team of people that are on our side, even just to talk about why something was or wasn’t flagged online. We always have Gaggle’s full support.”

Gaggle Protects Student Privacy
Sarah Trimble-Oliver, Chief Information Officer, Cincinnati Public Schools

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) has used the online student safety platform for years to monitor students’ online activity. When it started a one-to-one laptop initiative in grades 4-12, the district knew protecting the physical and emotional safety of its students would become more important than ever. “What is the price of your students’ physical safety? What is the price of their lives?” Sarah Trimble-Oliver asked. “If we’ve stopped one tragic event from happening, that is worth the investment of the funds.”

Trimble-Oliver said CPS continues to invest in Gaggle as a way to monitor student safety. That includes physical and mental safety, both of which are high priorities for her district. “Our technology platform ensures the safety and wellbeing of our students by monitoring their school-issued email and drive accounts 24/7,” she said, “and it does this in a way that balances the protection of student privacy with the need to keep them safe both on and off campus.”

Gaggle Safeguards Students’ Future Today
Dr. Teresa M. Hernandez, Chief Intervention & Safety Officer, Weld County School District RE 1

As a one-to-one district, Weld County SD needed a way to monitor all of its students’ email and document-sharing activity. Making that happen would require a technology platform more robust than what it was already using. “We had this incredible blind spot. We couldn’t see what was in our students’ Google Drive folders or what they were doing on email and with other Google apps,” said Dr. Teresa M. Hernandez.

By stepping in to assure that students are safely using Google drive to send emails, share documents, and converse in Hangouts, Gaggle has become a trusted, reliable team member for Weld County SD. “The Gaggle team backfills my capacity with Johnny-on-the-spot professionals who quickly evaluate and address issues from the educational perspective,” said Dr. Hernandez. “Any school that has students on devices needs a team of people looking at what kids are doing in a world where their very futures and lives could come down to a matter of minutes.”