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Written by Gaggle
on February 12, 2018

More than a year ago, Google introduced G Suite for Education. Formerly known as Google Apps for Education, the company touted the name change emphasizing "the same intelligent apps you love, with a graduated name."

Schools and districts started using Google Apps for Education more than ten years ago with a vision to help teachers and students share and learn together in innovative ways. As districts like Hollidaysburg (PA), Meriden (CT), Temple (TX) and Yakima (WA) embark on 1:1 initiatives, introduce digital equity for learning, or want to make sure students are safe in the open environment that they live in today, they're turning to Gaggle to keep students safe when using G Suite for Education.

We've highlighted the initiatives of four more school districts in recent Gaggle success stories. Two of the stories include audio clips allowing you to hear directly from a superintendent and instructional technology specialist on the challenges Gaggle Safety Management has helped address and the impact we've made in their districts.

Hollidaysburg Area School District: The Benefits of Removing Student Email Restrictions

With communication and collaboration an integral part of Hollidaysburg Area School District’s technology initiative, the school system needed a way to ensure that students were safe especially when sending and receiving email outside the district’s domain.

Meriden Public Schools: Leading a Safety-First Digital Transformation

While launching a 1:1 Chromebook initiative, Meriden Public Schools was looking for ways to keep its students safe when using district-provided technology.

Temple Independent School District (ISD): Keeping Students Safe Without A Walled Garden

Through its focus on student safety, Temple ISD creates teachable moments that build better relationships with students and increases academic achievement while avoiding walled gardens that prohibit students from using technology.

Yakima School District: The Impact Student Safety Has on Digital Equity

With 90% of the Yakima School District student population qualifying for the National School Lunch Program, the importance of equal access to digital tools, resources and services is a top priority.

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