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Written by Marie Hynes
on April 24, 2024

Let’s face it — protecting your students from online dangers becomes more difficult by the day. The internet is massive, always growing, and evolving, which makes it nearly impossible to mitigate all the potential dangers out there effectively. 

Districts have turned to Web Activity Monitoring to help monitor their students’ online activity and keep them safe.

What is Web Activity Monitoring?

Web Activity Monitoring involves tracking and analyzing students' online interactions on school-provided devices. This typically includes monitoring input into the browser page, search queries made, social media engagements, and communication exchanges. 

While respecting privacy boundaries, this provides insights into students' digital behaviors, allowing educators and administrators to intervene when necessary. For example, if a student types a message implying that he/she will harm themselves or others on a social network accessed through a social-provided device, Web Activity Monitoring will detect the threat and alert the appropriate resource.

How Can Web Activity Monitoring Benefit My District?

Web Activity Monitoring safeguards students from encountering inappropriate content or engaging in harmful online behaviors. By identifying warning signs such as cyberbullying, self-harm indicators, or attempts to access inappropriate content, Web Activity Monitoring enables timely interventions.

Web Activity Monitoring also plays an important role in promoting digital citizenship and responsible online behavior among students. By monitoring their online activities, schools can initiate conversations about internet safety, privacy, and the consequences of irresponsible online conduct. 

And let’s not forget, Web Activity Monitoring helps with regulatory requirements and adherence to acceptable use policies. It allows school districts to demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe and conducive learning environment.

Web Activity Monitoring Through Gaggle

With our advanced monitoring capabilities, Gaggle offers K-12 school districts a comprehensive approach to online safety. By leveraging machine learning and real-time human review, Gaggle detects and alerts districts to potentially concerning content or behaviors, enabling timely interventions and support for students.

Learn more about Web Activity Monitoring through Gaggle here.


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