It Takes a Village:
A Gaggle Podcast

Student safety isn’t a one-person job. Between district leaders, educators, administrators, parents, counselors, and beyond, it truly takes a village to safeguard students in both physical and digital environments.
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Triaging Innovation During a Pandemic

Gaggle’s Vice President of Marketing, Paget Hetherington, speaks with Paul Zimmerman, Blaine County School District’s Technology Innovator and Google Administrator, on the steps he took to make sure that student safety monitoring did not skip a beat when everyone transitioned to remote learning during the pandemic.

Hope and Mattering

World-renowned author, entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and educator Angela Maiers discusses the importance of two simple words: “You matter.”

Leading With Our Equity Foot Forward

Orenda Education’s Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle and Scott McGuire sit down with Gaggle’s Paget Hetherington to discuss how districts long to get back to “normal” and the opportunity available to lead with equity. To learn more about how leadership can bring about equitable outcomes for students, check out Shattering Inequities: Real World Wisdom for School and District Leaders, a new book by Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle and Dr. Ruth S. Johnson.

“One size fits one.” A Texas Superintendent’s Mission

Gaggle’s Vice President of Sales, Bill McCullough, sits down with Victoria Independent School District Superintendent Quintin Shepherd to discuss his demonstrated history of improving school districts—and how his mission is driven to create and maintain an “ownership” culture within his schools.

A Student’s Story: Remembering a Lost Friend

When Cuba Middle-Senior High School student Ethan Martindale was a freshman, his good friend Cole took his life. Now a senior, Ethan sat down with Heather Durkac, Gaggle’s Vice President of Operations, to discuss how his class was informed of this tragedy and how he and the town have since been on a mission to promote suicide awareness. 

Gaggle Therapy: A Timely Service for Student Mental Health

Kaitlyn Schlesinger, Gaggle’s Director of Therapy Services, speaks with Dr. Aida Vazin, Gaggle Therapy Consultant and Clinician, about the origin of our new teletherapy service, its timely and relevant launch, and the importance of student mental health awareness.

Gaggle Tech Updates: How Are We Doing?

Gaggle’s Casey Lee, CTO, and Justin West, Director of Information Technology, discuss how the past year has affected our technology infrastructure, how we were impacted, how we responded, and how we scaled.

Stimulus and Omnibus: Funding Education in 2021

The House and Senate both passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, a $2.3 trillion package that is essentially two bills. One is a $900 billion stimulus for coronavirus relief, and the other is a $1.4 trillion omnibus funding bill to ensure no government shutdown until next year. Both of these bills provide funding resources and need-to-know information for education. Funding expert Susan Gentz explains the details of these new education funding packages.

Linewize and Gaggle: Keeping Students Safe Together

Linewize’s Director of Marketing, Ilana Plummer, interviews Gaggle’s CEO, Jeff Patterson, and Linewize’s Ross Young, VP for North America. The partnership between Gaggle and Linewize illustrates how it takes a village to keep students safe and to help them thrive. Hear how the two companies are partnering to help ensure the well-being and safety of all students.

Digital Safety and the Impact on Student Mental Health

Are your students truly safe in the digital environment? Whether your students are learning remotely or in a physical classroom, it‘s vital to take a closer look at the digital tools being used to enhance the learning experience. In order to protect the whole child, educators must do more than simply trust students to act safely online. Students must be aware of the risks and equipped with the tools and skills they need to be good digital citizens. Hear a panel of education leaders discuss digital safety and its impact on student mental health.

Dr. Kecia Ray on Distance Learning, Funding, and the “New Normal”

In our premiere episode Paget Hetherington, Gaggle’s vice president of Marketing, interviews education leader Dr. Keica Ray about the challenges of K-12 education during these complex times.