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Written by Lisa Railton
on July 1, 2020

Gaggle Safety Management now includes web filter support and student safety tipline free of charge

On a district level, educators and school leaders have the ability to protect students online by taking a proactive approach and implementing a safety management solution. Starting today, Gaggle‘s new expanded service will offer web filter support and our SpeakUp for Safety tipline free of cost to districts using the full Gaggle Safety Management solution.* With this coordinated bundle of safety offerings, school districts can cast a larger safety net to protect their students both in and out of the classroom.

The new solution brings together three existing Gaggle services: Gaggle Safety Management, web filter support, and SpeakUp for Safety. These services work together to create a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that protects students from potentially harmful content and works to avoid student tragedies.

Here are the ways our new expanded solution keeps students safe:

  • Gaggle Safety Management
    Our student safety platform combines machine learning technology and trained safety experts to provide real-time analysis of students’ email accounts as well as the content they create and share on their school’s digital tools, particularly Google G Suite for Education, Microsoft Office 365, and the Canvas learning management system. The safety management solution flags potentially harmful content and possible student situations, quickly alerting school leaders to these issues. In crisis situations, Gaggle notifies a school contact immediately—no matter the time of day—and, if necessary, reports the situation directly to local authorities. Gaggle monitors student safety 24/7/365, ensuring students are safe no matter where they are or whether school is in session.
  • Web Filter Support
    Gaggle works with web filtering platforms to create a comprehensive safety solution that helps districts protect students both on and off campus. Web filter support with Gaggle integrates districts’ existing web filters with Gaggle Safety Management, helping to cast a larger safety net than either of these services casts alone. Gaggle’s integration works with most web filters, including ContentKeeper, Linewize, Lightspeed Relay, and more.
  • SpeakUp for Safety
    The SpeakUp for Safety tipline creates an accessible opportunity for students to voice concerns without worrying about getting themselves or their peers in trouble. Unlike statewide tip systems, which directly contact law enforcement, information sent to Gaggle’s SpeakUp for Safety tipline is immediately reviewed and communicated with school leaders, allowing administrators to decide on the best course of action.

Gaggle is the pioneer in helping school districts manage student safety on school-provided collaboration platforms. With these three student safety services working in tandem, Gaggle provides the most comprehensive safety management solution on the market.

Click here to learn more about how you can protect your students with our new expanded solution. Whether you’re an existing Gaggle partner looking to broaden your services or new to Gaggle and interested in learning how you can get started in your district, we’re here to help.

*SpeakUp for Safety and web filter support are available free of cost for partners using Gaggle Safety Management to monitor both email and drive accounts.

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