Web filters for student safety managment

Web Filter Support

You have a web filter in place, but is your district equipped to review students’ digital activity 24/7/365? We’ve partnered with web filtering platforms to create an integrated digital safety solution that helps districts protect students both on and off campus.

Eliminate False Alerts and Pressure on Staff

Deploy a stronger digital safety net in your district to protect students around the clock. Our solution helps to eliminate the pressure and workload on IT administrators and staff so they no longer need to deal with false alerts, review items at night and on weekends, or worry about missing potential issues with life-threatening consequences.

How Does It Work?

  • Your web filter is integrated with the Gaggle student safety solution
  • When a student search is flagged, an alert will be sent to the Gaggle Safety team
  • The item is reviewed, and our team will determine the next steps

How Does This Protect Students?
Situations your district needs to be aware of will be categorized in terms of severity. If the alert shows an imminent threat to a student’s life or well-being, the Gaggle Safety Team will immediately notify the specified emergency contact by phone.

Setup takes just 10 minutes and is as simple as adding the Gaggle email address to your web filter configuration for flagged searches. No more constantly checking your email for alerts—we’re doing that 24/7/365 so you don’t have to. 

Available now for ContentKeeper, Linewize, and additional web filters. Contact us today to learn more!

ContentKeeper Technologies Linewize

Weld County School District RE 1

“Any school that has students on devices needs a team of people looking at what kids are doing in a world where their very futures and lives could come down to a matter of minutes.”

Dr. Teresa M. Hernandez
Chief Intervention & Safety Officer, Weld County School District