Case Study
Red Clay Consolidated School District

Restoring Student Safety with Gaggle after Competitors Fail to Deliver


Journey to Meet District Needs


Red Clay Consolidated School District in Wilmington, Delaware, is the largest district in the state, serving approximately 16,000 students. The district was experiencing success after implementing Gaggle Safety Management across all school issued devices, but subsequently switched to competitor products because of decisions dictated by their state consortium.
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Student Safety Providers - One Size Does Not Fit All

Unfulfilled Journey:

After engaging in services with GoGuardian and Securly, they realized the level of service was not consistent with the high level they had become accustomed to receiving with Gaggle. While the competitors assured them that they could do the same thing that Gaggle had been doing for the district, it became obvious that wasn’t exactly true. The district notes that with the other services they experienced an influx of false positive alerts, and it became increasingly difficult to gain the insight they needed in order to follow up with students effectively.


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Reclaiming Success with Gaggle

The Results:

After having tried both GoGuardian and Securly, Red Clay ultimately returned to Gaggle because it was the only student safety technology that adequately supported them in protecting their students. With Gaggle, they now are confident in the alerts they receive, as they realize these are the situations that are truly urgent.


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“The reason we came back to Gaggle is after we left and tried two other separate products, the amount of false positives, the amount of not getting insight that we needed, it was not worth the cost that we were saving.”

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