Why School Administrators Should Take an Interest in Twitter

While 140 characters can seem limited, there’s quite a bit of value in a Tweet. The timeliness of a quick post to Twitter is a useful way for just-in-time learning while hashtags make information more digestible. Here are four reasons why every school administrator should take an interest in using Twitter.

blue one smallGive parents a window into what’s happening
Parents often only know what’s going on in their child’s school from a school newsletter or what their son or daughter tells them. Twitter gives you an opportunity to reach parents directly without the need of a man, or child, in the middle.

green 2 smallFree PR for your school or district
Sometimes running an actual public relations campaign isn’t in the budget, but there are other ways to get the job done. Use Twitter to make announcements about your school, and join in community conversations to keep your brand relevant.

orange 3 smallStay on top of what’s going on
School administrators can keep up with the culture of education just through a simple click. Following relevant bloggers and hashtags provides up-to-date information on what people are doing to advance education in the digital age.

yellow 4 smallGet in tune with how your students are learning
There’s no denying that social media has a place in education. Teachers are incorporating Twitter and other platforms into their learning spaces, and the benefits are undeniable. Don’t be in the dark about the platforms your teachers and students are using in the classroom.