How One Student Email Could Have Been Life-Changing

We were fortunate this year to sponsor the California School Public Relations Association (CalSPRA) Annual Seminar. It’s at events like these where our team can have important conversations about student online safety.

Within minutes after welcoming attendees to our sponsored lunch, which included a thank-you to the dozens of California school districts that use Gaggle Safety Management, Robert McCollum from Hesperia Unified School District pulled me aside for a conversation.

In addition to reciprocating his appreciation for what Gaggle does to help keep Hesperia Unified’s students safe, Robert sought me out to tell me a story that makes what I do, and where I work, so incredibly meaningful. An email from a student caught the attention of one of our expert Student Safety Representatives. It read, in part:

Stay strong for me. If you feel the need to cut and you think your about to. Tell me first ok.

Without hesitation and regardless of the time of day, our team quickly notified Robert, the lead Gaggle emergency contact at Hesperia Unified and the district’s Director of Secondary Education, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, and administrators at the student’s high school.

We detail what unfolded in an incredible new case study with a great ending to this story. You’ll also learn how Hesperia Unified School District:

  • Puts Chromebooks into the hands of every student, starting in third grade, while protecting them from the dangers and threats the face online.
  • Creates 21st-century learners using Google Apps for Education as part of its 1:1 initiative.
  • Leans on Gaggle Safety Management to notify district emergency contacts if there’s an imminent threat to a student.

Read the entire case study, “Uncovering the Unknown of Student Safety,” and learn more about how Gaggle helps students stay safe when using Google Apps for Education, by visiting the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.