Flipping “Meet the Teacher Night”

Sure, the school year is approaching the finish line. As you do a retrospective of what we hope was a great year, it’s not too early to think about new ways to use technology when students return from summer break.

How about flipping “Meet the Teacher Night”? Making a few changes to the way you’ve always conducted this time-honored school event can also give parents an example of what it means to flip a classroom. Here are just a few ideas to get more out of this special night.

Virtual Tours

Teachers can take some short videos walking parents through their classrooms, showing them how they’re set up, and where students can find everything. You can even have students perform the tours and point out their favorite places in the classroom.


Introduce some hashtags before the evening and then continue to use them throughout the school year. Share small tidbits about the class or the ongoing topics being taught and discussed.

YouTube Videos

Create a YouTube channel and offer parents video updates. Start with an introduction and share your teaching philosophy along with some of what you’re expecting for the year. Give parents an opportunity to get to know teachers and staff before they even walk in the door.