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Written by Lisa Railton
on November 17, 2020

Known for its rigorous academics, Millburn Township Public Schools serves 5,000 students in grades pre-K through 12 across eight schools. Students in this 1:1 district use technology both in and out of school, and the district wanted to make sure its  students were using their devices safely and properly. “Our job is to give students anytime, anywhere access to information,” said Evan Abramson, director of technology, “and we also need to keep them protected.”

Millburn works with both community stakeholders and Gaggle to prevent dangerous student situations. In fact, all principals and board members were involved with the student safety platform selection process, and the local police department also played a role in those early meetings. “We worked together to create a plan of policies and procedures,” said Abramson. “That way, anytime an incident occurred, everyone would immediately know what to do and how to act upon it.”

Dr. Christine Burton, the district’s superintendent, said Gaggle’s student safety platform helps to bridge the gap between a child in need and an adult who can come to his or her aid quickly and confidently. “Students may voice their thoughts in a different form of communication, and that’s where Gaggle comes into play,” she said. “Then, it’s our responsibility to do what we can to connect students with mental health professionals and truly get them the level of help and support that they need.”

In today’s society, a school’s responsibility extends well beyond the traditional school day. With two major situations where student lives were potentially saved—including one incident over the winter break—the district makes sure Gaggle is the first tool they renew every year. “When we got the alerts, we were able to provide services to students immediately,” said Abramson.

Read the full success story to learn how Gaggle helps support student safety efforts in this New Jersey school district.

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