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17 Mar 2022

Resources to Support Struggling Students

The growing crisis in adolescent mental health was deemed a national s...

03 Mar 2022
Student Mental Health SEL | 2 min read

Incorporating SEL to Support Younger Students

The pandemic has placed elementary students in a unique position: Many...

17 Feb 2022

Gaggle’s Podcast: Sharing Inspiring Stories

Looking for in-depth coverage and insights on all things related to st...

10 Feb 2022
Student Mental Health | 3 min read

Youth Mental Health: Addressing the Growing Crisis

The ongoing crisis in youth mental health continues to raise alarms, i...

21 Jan 2022

National Shoot Up Your School Day: Violence Is No Joke

The 2021–22 school year has gotten off to a rough start. Students and ...

04 Jan 2022

Why Cyberbullying Affects Girls More Than Boys

Cyberbullying can be more insidious than physical bullying because it ...

By Gaggle
29 Dec 2021
Student Mental Health | 3 min read

Are Your Children in Digital Distress?

As 2021 draws to a close and I emerge from another exhausting day of s...

22 Dec 2021
Student Mental Health | 3 min read

Surgeon General Issues Public Health Advisory: 6,600+ Youth Died by Suicide in 2020

Back in October, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the America...

30 Nov 2021
Student Mental Health | 3 min read

Resilience: The Key to Thriving, Not Just Surviving

Resilience. If there’s one inner quality that I could gift to a friend...

23 Nov 2021

Harassment: What Is Gaggle Seeing?

At the close of the 2019–20 school year, we reported a decrease in inc...

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