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23 Apr 2021

Student Wellness: Dealing With Selfies and Explicit Content

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted education in many ways. One trend G...

20 Apr 2021

Students and the Pandemic: What Is Gaggle Seeing?

More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic flipped learning upside-d...

13 Apr 2021

Uncovering Cries for Help With Gaggle

When Cajon Valley Union School District rolled out a 1:1 Chromebook pr...

06 Apr 2021
Student Safety | 5 min read

The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking impacts millions of individuals across the world eac...

01 Apr 2021

Student Digital Signals: Navigating the District Digital Landscape

Fast-forward to 2025—how will we look back at 2020 and 2021 from an ed...

23 Mar 2021
Student Safety | 2 min read

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

During the pandemic, Gaggle has observed some concerning student safet...

15 Mar 2021
Student Safety | 2 min read

Pornography or Exploitation? Why Words Matter

While legal terminology still refers to visual depictions of sexually ...

26 Feb 2021

Observing Self-Injury Awareness Day

Monday, March 1 is Self-Injury Awareness Day—an annual day of observan...

23 Feb 2021

Is Google Hangouts Safe for Your Students?

Google is spot on when it touts that technology can give educators new...

By Gaggle
16 Feb 2021

An Extra Set of Eyes for Rural Districts

Greeneville City Schools knew there wasn’t enough time in a day for an...

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