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03 Oct 2023

Is Cyberbullying Illegal in Your State?

Social media and mobile technology has made it easy for bullies to continue their behavior on every corner of the internet. We’ve shared some tactics ...

By     Marie Hynes
14 Jan 2021

5 Ways to Support Educator Mental Health

The past year has been particularly demanding of educators’ mental and emotional energy, which has had a direct impact on their mental health. Educato...

By     Paget Hetherington
23 Sep 2019

The Importance of Professional Development for Student Safety

By     Paget Hetherington
08 Jan 2019

Students Experiencing Distress Need Early Intervention: Secret Service Report on Reducing School Violence

Are there steps schools can take to intervene and help prevent violence? The answer to this question is yes.

By     Paget Hetherington
07 Jan 2019

Signs and Signals of Violence: Secret Service Report Indicators Defined

Research conducted by the US Secret Service showed a strong correlation between school shootings and previous incidents of bullying and suicidal tende...

By     Paget Hetherington
27 Mar 2018

When EdTech Is as Easy to Use as Chalk

At Tech & Learning Live in Princeton, NJ, last October, Mike Jamerson, Director of Technology at Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (IN),...

By     Gaggle
21 Mar 2018

Digital Citizenship's New Imperative

Although most agree that online safety is critically important, historically it has proven to be an afterthought in educational technology. The develo...

By     Corey Tutewiler
09 Mar 2018

Moving from Banning Technology to Embracing Technology

Despite the advancements of technology and its proven contributions inside schools and districts, there’s still pushback on the utilization of mobile ...

By     Gaggle
20 Feb 2018

Making Sense of the Common Sense Census

Jeff Mao, former Senior Director of Outreach at Common Sense Media, provided one of my favorite analogies a few years back. We were talking about how ...

By     Rob Yoegel
19 Jan 2018

Should Educators Focus on Just Citizenship Instead of Digital Citizenship?

Every passing year, technology and innovation continue to grow and develop. With technology always shifting, our communities and especially our studen...

By     Guest Author

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