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Kaitlyn Schlesinger

As Gaggle’s Director of Therapy Services, Kaitlyn Schlesinger is committed to supporting students and educators through cutting-edge education solutions, creating and executing marketing strategy, and forging partnerships for a number of non-profits and global education companies. Starting her journey in the communications department at a mid-sized school district, Kaitlyn found her passion early in all things education. In addition to her professional contributions, Kaitlyn also volunteers by tutoring creative writing with under-resourced students.
07 Jul 2021

Support Over the Summer: Resources for Struggling Students

After a chaotic year, students can finally find some reprieve on summe...

07 May 2021

Equity in Mental Health: Supporting All Students

The data is in: Students are struggling with their mental health. More...

01 Mar 2021

Get to Know a Gaggle Therapist: Dr. Aida Vazin

With mental health on the forefront of education, the connection betwe...

07 Dec 2020

Are Your Students Dealing With Seasonal Depression?

It’s that time of year. The days are shorter, with less sunlight reach...

06 Nov 2020

Signs Your Student May Need to See a Therapist

Therapy is a tool that every educator should keep in their back pocket...

22 Oct 2020

Five Benefits of Student Therapy

It’s been a crazy year. School closures and the COVID-19 crisis have o...

18 Sep 2020
Student Mental Health | 1 min read

Announcing Gaggle Therapy: A New Service to Support Your Students

Schools are facing a mental health crisis. Rates of adolescent anxiety...

02 Apr 2020

A Big Lift: Keeping Students Safe, Sound, and Secure

With thousands of schools across the country shifting to distance lear...

20 Mar 2020

Happy and Healthy at Home: 10 Student Mental Health Resources

There’s no question that the student mental health crisis is impacting...

28 Jan 2020
Student Safety | 2 min read

Walking the Tightrope Between Student Safety and Data Privacy

The subject of data privacy is something that has captivated the media...

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