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Written by Paget Hetherington
on September 17, 2019

Colorado’s Weld County School District needed a way to monitor students’ online activity in a 1:1 environment. While the district was already using an email filtering program, the results were mainly time-consuming false reports. “We had this incredible blind spot; we couldn’t see what was in our students’ Google Drive folders or what they were doing on email and with other Google apps,” said Dr. Teresa M. Hernandez, Chief Intervention & Safety Officer. 

After receiving their Healthy Kids Colorado survey data for the 2017–18 school year, it became clear that the district needed a platform much more robust and capable than what it was already using. “Some of the data really didn’t add up because our kids were reporting so much to the survey in terms of self-harm, bullying, and other issues,” Dr. Hernandez recalled. But in the small district of six schools that have about 2,000 students, staff members are maxed out. They needed a solution to ensure safety without creating more work. 

The district implemented the Gaggle student safety management platform along with a web filtering program, which has already proven its worth. In one instance, a group of 10-year-old girls using Google Docs casually mentioned that a 14-year-old boy had asked one of them for nude photos. Gaggle quickly brought this to the attention of district administrators, helping them intervene before it was too late. 

When another student wrote “How to kill myself” in a Google document one evening, the platform instantly alerted administrators, who sent law enforcement to check on the student. “That’s just one example of how Gaggle is our ‘silent’ partner who helps us all sleep better at night,” said Dr. Hernandez. Read the case study to learn more about how this small district uses Gaggle to keep students safe. 

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