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Written by Corey Tutewiler
on August 1, 2017

If you have a place in K-12 education, you’ve likely heard of the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System).

Canvas makes teaching and learning (and implementation and adoption and customer support and student success and bragging to your non-Canvas-using-peers) easier. Canvas features collaborative workspaces, course management, discussion forums, eportfolios, analytics and reporting, quizzes, video and audio messaging, calendars and much more.

What we hear about all the time, however, is school and district administrators who experience the “oh-no” moment after purchasing a product. The moment occurs when, after implementing a great product like Canvas LMS, the realization settles in that you don’t have the resources to ensure that students will use the array of communication and classroom tools safely and appropriately.

Many of the tools offered in Canvas provide students with the means of communication and content sharing, which can present a great liability if you are unprepared to manage student usage.

After successful Canvas pilots, we’re excited to announce that we’ve released Safety Management for Canvas, which is similar to the safety solutions we provide for G Suite for Education and Office 365. Safety Management for Canvas features content analysis and expert review of text, files, images and videos transmitted within the platform.

In Canvas, Gaggle is equipped to discover several types of inappropriate content, including language indicative of drug and alcohol abuse, intentions of suicide and self harm, violence towards others, nudity and sexual content, profanity and hate speech and other inappropriate content.


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