Safety Management Categories: Violence Towards Others

This is the third post in a Gaggle Speaks series on our Safety Management categories. In this post, we discuss our Violence Towards Others category.

Gaggle Safety Representatives are tasked with identifying instances of violence towards others, which is differentiated from self-harm or violence towards oneself. This category includes threats of physical violence or records of past incidents, but it can include emotional violence as well. Cyberbullying and online harassment can fall here whether it entails a threat of physical violence or not.

The Violence Towards Others category provides a strong argument for monitoring elementary schools and middle schools. Most incidents result from those environments rather than in high schools, perhaps because they only communicate intentions on personal devices when older. Abuse is covered in this category as well. Any instance of domestic abuse discovered by Safety Representatives would fall into this category. Students often write about abuse in email communications with friends and online files.

This school year, Gaggle Safety Representatives have discovered nearly 9,000 instance of Violence Towards Others. Over 100 of those required immediate action, due to the time-sensitivity of the incident. Other instances were nevertheless acted upon, but did not require immediate attention.

As you might imagine, Gaggle Safety Representative review a lot of student content, and we’ve acquired a lot of expertise on cyberbullying in schools. Be sure to read our “Everything You Need to Know (and more) About Cyberbullying” ebook for information on how you can become more proactive in your stance against physical and emotional abuse.

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