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Written by Corey Tutewiler
on January 23, 2017

I previously wrote a post on the most important archiving features for K12 schools and districts. A colleague quickly pointed out another, often overlooked, feature that can significantly help in cases of emergency, while many IT managers might not necessarily think an email backup is essential to your archive.

No one likes to admit it, but email systems do go down from time to time. Although this was arguably more of an issue with on-premise systems, it’s certainly true of cloud environments as well. Simply put, there's a reason why all email service providers (ESPs) include a “downtime” clause in their terms and conditions. It can very well happen to anyone, often going unnoticed.

When email stops working at your school or district, it can put a lot of stress on administration and the technology department, so it’s good to have a backup plan. I recommend that you do some research on whether or not your email archive can fill in as a temporary email system, even if only for administrators who need to communicate during a period of disaster recovery or downtime. Go ahead. Ask someone and come back to this post.

Using Gaggle for archiving and backup ensures that end users (whether the entire staff, administration or any custom group of users) have access to the email archive interface, in the case of an emergency. Also, you can customize passwords, or force end users to customize passwords upon their first login.

Once again, this is another way to be proactive rather than reactive. Request a Gaggle Archive & Backup demo today.

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