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Written by Candy Tai
on April 10, 2023

In the midst of the current mental health crisis, schools are struggling to provide the support their students need. Ramsey School District, located in New Jersey, is no exception. In-person and virtual therapy referrals were growing, wait lists were expanding, and the need for mental health support was on the rise. It became clear that an innovative and effective solution was needed to address the significant delays that students were experiencing. After careful consideration, the Ramsey School District chose to partner with Gaggle Therapy and Coaching to support their students' mental health needs.

Gaggle Therapy & Coaching is an online resource that provides virtual therapy and coaching sessions for students who require mental health support. The company is unique in that it allows students to access mental health care regardless of their location, time zone, or ability to pay. This feature has been beneficial for Ramsey School District, as students have been able to receive teletherapy services from the comfort of their own homes or even during school hours - without missing any important classes or activities.

"We had students whose parents either couldn’t afford to engage in therapy or were unable to travel or spoke a language other than English and Gaggle Therapy was able to provide us with people who fit all of those needs for us and were able to do so in a quick manner.”
—Donna Volpe, M. Ed., M.A., Director of Special Education

The impact of the partnership between Ramsey School District and Gaggle Therapy & Coaching has been significant. Students are now able to receive therapy more quickly and easily, and the waitlists have been drastically reduced. The program has also enabled the district to track and monitor students' progress, ensuring that they are receiving the necessary support to overcome their challenges.

"That’s what I always try to tell parents about breaking the stigma down when it comes to therapy: handle it now when it’s small and manageable because if you look the other way it can then become a much larger issue for you and your family to have to work with. It was great to see that we didn’t have people coming back to it and for the majority, that one little intervention was enough not to need a longer term solution for them.”

—Matthew J. Murphy, Ed. D., Superintendent of Schools (retired)

The Ramsey School District's partnership with Gaggle Therapy & Coaching has been a success story in supporting the mental health needs of its students. By providing access to virtual therapy services, the district has been able to address the delays that its students were experiencing and provide a valuable mental health resource. The highly qualified therapists, range of resources and tools, and the virtual nature of the program have all contributed to its success.

Take a closer look into Ramsey’s unique success story and how their partnership with Gaggle Therapy and Coaching has become an essential tool in supporting their students' mental health and well-being.

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