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Written by Dr. Lisa Strohman
on December 12, 2022

The holidays are just around the corner, and during such holidays, people tend to overlook one very important aspect of the holidays.

This is something which is common, whether it is new year’s eve or Christmas as well, and that is showing gratitude to your loved ones.

Whenever the holidays come by, especially Christmas, we should always take this opportunity to express our gratitude for whatever we have.

Let us discuss some of the reasons why we should show our utmost gratitude and some ways how we can do that.


Reasons To Show Gratitude During the Holidays

Gratitude is a feeling which comes to us naturally as we live our daily lives. However, that is not the same for everyone, as there are a lot of people who tend to suppress these feelings due to many reasons.

Whatever the reasons may be, the holidays give us an opportunity to express gratitude, especially if the case may be that you normally do not express such feelings, and there are many reasons why people should definitely avail this chance and show gratitude.

1) It only comes once a year

One very important reason to be grateful for the holidays, especially in the case of Christmas, is that although you can experience gratitude every day of the year, holidays are not that frequent, and they only come once a year.

Due to this rare occurrence, it is a good practice to be grateful when the holidays are coming.

2) Helps you stay down to earth

Although Christmas coming around the corner certainly means presents which can generally bring out your materialistic nature, expressing feelings of gratitude during this time can act as a great way to help us remember to be grateful for what we already possess.

3) Chance to relieve stress

Holidays such as Christmas bring along a lot of tension and stress amongst the entire family as everyone is struggling to make sure that their day is perfect.

However, feeling grateful gives everyone an opportunity to improve their relationships with each other due to the fact that it reminds them of why they appreciate each other.

4) Your Family

Your family consists of individuals who have always taken care of you in your times of need, and they are the people you can always count on.

Family is always there for you, and holidays give you a chance to show that you are there for them as well, expressing gratitude for them and letting them know that you are here and grateful that you can always count on them.

5) Does not cost a thing

The holidays can give you a chance to let someone know how much you appreciate them. Whether it is a friend who you have not talked to for a long time, or a specific family member you feel like you have detached yourself from.

Whatever the reason may be, the holidays can be the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect, reconcile and show them how much you appreciate them, and showing that you are grateful to someone does not cost a thing.

6) Can have long-term benefits

One essential reason why you should show that you are grateful is that it tends to have long-term benefits as well.

Holidays simply come only once a year, and there are no long-term benefits associated with them. However, when it comes to gratitude, research has suggested that showing someone that you are grateful to them is linked with improving their mood and providing them with feelings and optimism towards the future.

Other studies done on this emotion have also suggested that feeling grateful can also help you with increased exercise, promote healthier self-care habits and reduce feelings of stress as well.


Ways To Show Gratitude During the Holidays

Now that we have discussed why you should feel grateful during the holiday season, let us discuss some of the ways you can express your feelings of gratitude, highlighting some simple ideas you can practice.

  • Make a list of things you have instead of things you want. Although the holiday season is more focused on receiving gifts, making a list of items that you already possess helps you feel grateful. This is because it helps you realize how blessed you feel; there is so much stuff with you already.
  • Write a thank you note. It can be surprising how much a simple thank you note can help you feel grateful because it can help you appreciate all the gifts that you receive during the holidays.


This was simply a condensed guide, through which it can be explained why you should feel grateful during the holidays.

All of the aforementioned reasons should definitely be taken into consideration, but the essential thing to note is that there is no set time to be grateful, and gratitude is something that should be practiced every day.

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