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Written by Lisa Railton
on March 23, 2022

Located just south of Seattle, Highline Public Schools serves a richly diverse population of around 17,500 students from pre-K through the twelfth grade. For the past two years, the district has partnered with Gaggle to incorporate an additional layer to help keep its student safe. “I can’t protect our kids from everything,” said Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield, “but if I have the ability and the tools to protect them from some things, why wouldn't I do that? That’s my responsibility as a district leader.”

Gaggle helps Highline hear students’ cries for help in the district’s digital environment, identifying those who are in crisis so they can intervene. In one instance, Gaggle alerted the district about a seven-year-old student who was discussing self-harm. Another flagged incident identified a struggling eighth-grade girl, and the district stepped in quickly to get her family the resources they needed to help their daughter. 

“... in some cases, the alerts tell us about a student who is already on the radar of the school or the family. In other cases, they’re not. And so were it not for that alert, were it not for our reaching out to the family, who knows what might have happened? So I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that thanks to Gaggle, we have saved some of our students’ lives this past year.”

Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent, Highline Public Schools

Watch our new video to learn more about how this Washington district is safeguarding students with Gaggle:



Highline Public Schools is just one of the 1,500 district partners Gaggle serves across the country to support student safety and well-being. To learn more about how other K-12 districts are using Gaggle to safeguard students, be sure to check out our complete library of case studies

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