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Written by Lisa Railton
on February 21, 2020

The week of February 24, 2020 marks Public Schools Week—a celebration of everything happening in the nation’s public schools. This week also brings attention to the issues facing public schools today, including student safety.

Nine out of every 10 students in the country—over 50 million individuals—attend public school. These students are educated and supported by approximately 3.2 million teachers, along with hundreds of thousands of specialists, admins, and other staff members.

We’re proud to partner with a variety of schools across the country to keep students safe. At Mooresville Graded School District, an urban school district in North Carolina that serves over 6,000 students, a 1:1 computer initiative has been in place for more than 13 years. A Gaggle partner for about 10 years, the student safety platform has proven its value to the public school district on numerous occasions. “With the current state of school violence and safety, we need to have as much information as we can to make sure all of our kids are safe,” said Dr. Scott Smith, the district’s assistant superintendent for Elementary Instruction and Technology.

The only school in its district to implement a schoolwide 1:1 take-home initiative, Raymond J. Fisher Middle School serves 1,271 students across grades 6–8. This public school implemented Gaggle in an effort to be more proactive in its student safety efforts and teach digital citizenship. “We tell them that we’re not here to discipline them, but that we’re here to help educate them on how to appropriately address situations in Google Classroom,” said Principal Matt Baldwin, “and give them advice on how to navigate the world from a social media and educational technology perspective.” Citing student safety as the school’s number one priority, Baldwin said the platform provides an additional layer that allows administrators to ensure that students are safe both on and off campus.

Next week, we’ll be highlighting some of our partners in public school districts to showcase how they use Gaggle to support student safety initiatives. We’ll be celebrating our public school partners all week long on Twitter. Be sure to head over there to join the discussion and learn what some of our superintendent partners have to say about Gaggle!

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