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Written by Lisa Railton
on April 16, 2020

Our Microsoft district partners will be excited to learn that our student safety platform can now be integrated with Microsoft Teams, providing support for schools and districts by monitoring student communications for warning signs of crises while using Teams. We’ve partnered with Microsoft Teams for Education to offer school districts this new capability, giving educators yet another way to protect students in the digital environment.

As schools and districts continue to keep their buildings closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, educators are engaging students through distance learning. Tools such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams can help make remote learning more accessible while enabling students to stay connected to one another and their teachers during this difficult time. Along with providing access to live events and audio conferencing, Teams also helps ensure access for students in low bandwidth areas by including dial-in information for online classes.

Using Teams, students can remain engaged with their teachers and classmates as they learn remotely through project collaboration, live discussions, peer mentoring, virtual office hours, and foreign language practice. However, this shift to distance learning means districts will need help keeping a close eye on students to protect them in the digital environment, whether they’re using the technology for education or for other purposes.

Teams can be safely utilized to its full potential when students are protected by Gaggle’s solution. Using a combination of machine learning and human safety experts, Gaggle Safety Management for Teams reviews students’ use of the digital tool and alerts school officials as needed. The solution flags content when students show signs of self-harm, depression, thoughts of suicide, substance abuse, cyberbullying, unhealthy relationships, and credible threats of violence against others.

“Teams is a powerful tool for student learning and engagement, and we ensure that teachers and schools can use it in whatever way they see fit with peace of mind,” said Gaggle CEO Jeff Patterson. “There are no false positives; only actionable safety items are forwarded to emergency contacts. And in the case of life-threatening situations, immediate phone calls will be made to ensure that students are protected.”

“This integration brings together the security and privacy of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams with the near real-time monitoring of Gaggle Safety Management to help provide a safe workspace for students and teachers,” said Steven Abrahams, PM, Partnerships for Microsoft Teams. “During this time of increased distance learning, Gaggle Safety Management for Teams will help schools provide a safety net for students in this new environment.”

Implementing GSM for Teams is simple. Nothing is installed, and setup takes less than an hour on the part of your organization. Want to add this capability to help safeguard students in your Microsoft environment? Contact us today to learn more.

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