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Dr. Will Henson

Dr. Will Henson is a licensed clinical psychologist and a statewide education consultant to school districts in Oregon. He consults with school districts on best practices for supporting students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Dr. Henson speaks and gives trainings nationally on topics including paraeducator effectiveness, trauma-informed practices, threat management, functional assessment, and best practices in supporting students with emotional and behavioral disorders. His first book, “Behavior Support Strategies for Education Paraprofessionals,” was published in 2008. Dr. Henson is the co-founder of 321 Insight, an online professional development company that focuses on trauma-informed practices for all staff and paraeducator effectiveness.
26 Apr 2021
Student Mental Health | 2 min read

Using Trauma-Informed Practices to Protect Students Against Critical Incidents

Critical incidents in schools are on the rise. Between 2007 and 2018, ...

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