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Art Godin, Ed.S.

Art Godin is a lifelong educator, formerly practicing as a school psychologist and MTSS coordinator. With experience in urban, suburban, and rural districts, Art brings a diverse perspective about how to design, implement, and sustain multi-tiered systems of academic, behavioral, and social-emotional supports. In addition to his direct work in schools, Art has spent the last decade working with myriad districts across the country in their efforts to increase student achievement, provide equity through access, and achieve best practices. As a Regional Sales Manager at Gaggle, Art helps support student safety efforts for K-12 districts across Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.
29 Jul 2021

Removing Barriers to Mental Health and SEL

My previous MTSS blog detailed the fundamentals of MTSS and the importance of an early warning system. The next step is incorporating mental health in...

By     Art Godin, Ed.S.
29 Jun 2021

MTSS: A Framework for Prevention

For years, educators have known that behavior and academics are inseparable. Until recently, we commonly addressed academic and behavioral deficits in...

By     Art Godin, Ed.S.

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