Case Study

Millburn Township Public Schools—Supporting Student Mental Health With Gaggle


Safeguarding Students In and Out of School

Students use school provided technology both in and out of school; Millburn Township Public Schools turned to Gaggle Safety Management for Google to make sure students were using their devices safely and properly.

Around-the-Clock Support in a 1:1 Environment

The Challenge:

Known for its rigorous academics, Millburn Township Public Schools is a 1:1 Google Chromebook district that serves 5,000 students across eight schools. Oftentimes when students are experiencing a mental health crisis, it doesn’t happen during the school day. It happens after hours, during holidays, or other times they’re off campus. The New Jersey school district needed to find a student safety management platform they could rely on around-the-clock.

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Raising a Child Takes a Village

The Solution:

A critical facet of education for Millburn Township Public Schools is to ensure that social and emotional learning radiates across all students, teachers, clubs, parents, and community stakeholders. “Our job is to give students anytime, anywhere access to information, and we also need to keep them protected.” - Evan Abramson, director of technology, Millburn Township Public Schools

Working in partnership with its surrounding community, the district decided to implement Gaggle to help support and protect its students. 

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Implementing Gaggle to Help Save Student Lives

The Results:

With two major student situations where lives were potentially saved, the district makes sure Gaggle is the first tool they renew every year. Gaggle also gives Millburn Township Public Schools a true partner it can reach out to around-the-clock versus just another piece of technology.

“If there’s an incident, we get the phone calls morning, noon, or night,” said Abramson. “And while it may be a mission-critical situation, the Gaggle team is always calm and collected and ready to help.”

CASE STUDY - Millburn Township Public Schools
“We understand that it takes a village to raise a child. Bringing in a product like Gaggle helps us all sleep at night, knowing full well that our students are protected.”

Other Case Studies

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