Case Study

How Keene ISD Saved a Life Using Gaggle


Keeping Students Safe on School Provided Technology

The Challenge:

Keene ISD is a K-12 school district located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. They needed a way to ensure students were safe while using school provided technology and devices, including Google’s suite of educational collaboration tools. 

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Partnering with Gaggle to Enhance Student Safety

The Solution:

Implemented Gaggle Safety Management for G Suite along with their web filter to protect
students in the digital environment. 


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Stopping a Student Suicide

The Results:

With these powerful solutions, the district is able to block potentially harmful content from students’ school-issued accounts. When incidents arise, Gaggle’s in-house team of trained safety experts determine the severity and work with the district to ensure students are protected.

The districts new digital student safety net helped prevent a suicide at Keene High School in December 2019.

CASE STUDY - Keene Independent School District
“I absolutely believe that without Gaggle, this student would have gone through with the act and taken her own life.”

Other Case Studies

Oklahoma City Public Schools adopted Gaggle to ensure student safety not just through brick and mortar locations, but also online. Major student situations have been intercepted and resolved, but students have also used the system to alert administrators of other threats.
This large California district wanted more human eyes on its students’ safety on a 24/7/365 basis, so it adopted Gaggle to safeguard students in the Google environment. Since then, the student safety management platform has helped the district save two student lives.
Gaggle’s student safety platform has proven its value on numerous occasions in this North Carolina district. With a response team that handles alerts on a 24/7 basis, the district has successfully intervened in a variety of incidents to ensure student well-being.