Case Study

South Kingstown School District Adopts Proactive Safety Tool


Encouraging Students to Speak Up for Safety

The Challenge:

The South Kingstown School District needed a platform that would allow students to speak up about bullying, drugs, or unhealthy relationships.


A circular maze with a lightbulb in the middle of it.

Proactive Approach to Student Safety

The Solution:

Student safety platform combined with Gaggle SpeakUp for Safety provide a safe environment where students can voice concerns and stay safe online. 

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Preventing Potentially Dangerous Situations

The Results:

Since implementing the platform, the district has identified and intervened in a number of different potentially dangerous situations involving its students.

For example, there was an instance where students were waiting in line for the latest video game release and watched a group of people pull up in a “shady looking” vehicle. When one of them started talking about shooting up a school, the student submitted a SpeakUp comment about it. 

CASE STUDY - South Kingstown School District
“It’s [Gaggle] worth every penny. If it saves just one student—or prevents him or her from going down a certain path—then it works.”

Other Case Studies

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