Case Study

Safeguarding Students at Bloomington School District 87


Intervening to Thwart Real Problems

The Challenge:

As a Microsoft Office 365 user, the K-12 Bloomington School District 87 encompasses 10 schools and about 5,500 students. With a new 1:1 initiative underway, the district had a goal of effectively intervening in potential suicides, reducing incidences of self-harm, and thwarting such issues before they blossom into real problems.


A circular maze with a lightbulb in the middle of it.

A Trusted Provider for Online Safety Monitoring

The Solution:

In search of a trusted provider to work with, the district adopted Gaggle student safety software to monitor activity online, notify staff of concerning issues, and intervene when necessary. 

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Enhanced Safety Benefits Staff and Students

The Results:

Over the past several years, Gaggle has helped the district successfully intervene in at least six potential suicides while also keeping administrators informed about potential student fights, bullying, and other problems both on and off campus.

With Gaggle keeping watch, the district felt comfortable opening up their domain. Now, high school students can communicate with potential employers about internship programs using their school domains—something that they couldn’t do before.

CASE STUDY - Bloomington 87
“Whether it’s bullying, student mental health issues, school violence issues, or another problem, this is one of the tools that you really can’t be without.”

Other Case Studies

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